South African Aloe Ferox

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Product Description:

Aloe Ferox is sourced from South Africa, where the soil and climate of the region lend to a higher potency chemistry of the plant versus other regions, and leads to improved results. Aloe Ferox may offer relief from irregularities of bowel movements.

Top Reasons to Supplement with South African Aloe Ferox

  • Relief from Irregularities of bowel movements*
  • All Natural Laxative*

DIRECTIONS: Adults and children over the age of 15 take one (1) to two (2) capsules at bedtime as needed with water.

Supplement Facts:

Aloe Ferox (Latex) .......................................... 535 mg        **

About the Main Ingredient: Aloe Ferox

By helping regulate your bowel movements, the Aloe Ferox helps eliminates stool build-up and helps decreases the release of toxins going into your bloodstream.**

Key Benefits

All Natural Laxative
Immune Support
Supports Overall Health