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Earth's Creation Manufacturing Facility
We obsess over every detail because we want our customers to trust that when they use our supplements they can count on quality and effectiveness of our products. Our products are formulated, tested, packaged and shipped from one place— our 100,000...
Bone Care with CurQlife
In-Vitro Studies showed CurQLife demonstrating an effectiveness in controlling the growth and spread of enveloped viruses, such as the influenza virus.* This study demonstrated how CurQLife inhibits the infectivity and plaque formation of enveloped  viruses, giving 
Why Time Release Vitamin C?
Typically when you consume vitamin C these vitamins are spread out into fluids, where excess amounts get passed on through the body. However, with time-release, when swallowed, moisture from saliva causes the coating to slowly rupture and the vitamin C is continually delivered into the body's fluids over an extended period of time.  
Benefits of Melatonin for Sleep
Melatonin  is  a  natural  hormone  produced  by  the  pineal  gland in the brain. It helps maintain the internal clock  of  the body  also  known  as  circadian rhythm. During the nighttime, when there is less light, melatonin is secreted into the body, triggering drowsiness.